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The Yellow Note is a lifestyle marketing studio that specializes in helping businesses, brands, and individuals to elevate their social media + web presence through creative consulting, photography, storytelling, and social media strategy and management. The Yellow Note also shares inspiring yet attainable lifestyle, travel and home content through our blog and social media platforms of the same name, as well as the lifestyle brand we’ve created for our hometown - Glens Falls Living.

We’re a husband-wife (and labrador) team that simply loves working alongside businesses of all shapes and sizes on honing and sharing their stories in an increasingly digital world.

Whether you’re looking for content to post on your web + social platforms, or you’re interested in having imagery or a story created and shared with our engaged community of 71,000+ followers, we’d love the opportunity to work with you.


Here’s a handful of ways we can work together:

Photography + Content Creation: As small business owners ourselves, we understand the demands on your time, and we’re here to take that “what am I going to post tonight?” panic off your plate. Your own friendly camera crew, we’ll provide meaningful and engaging photography for your use on social and web. Post them yourself or we’ll help manage it for you.

Instagram Management: Just don’t have the time? We’ll take it from here. On top of providing your photos, we’ll manage your Instagram account, curate your vision, and build your brand based on your mission, direction, and feedback. Limited slots available.

Consulting: Looking to hone in on your brand voice and aesthetic? Want to sharpen your social media photography skills? Interested in learning more about influencer marketing? Need a pep talk? We’re happy to help and love to teach, coach, and mentor both individuals and teams.

Influencer Marketing: Looking to build awareness for your brand / product / destination? Provided it’s the right fit*, we’d love to help bring your brand to life through our imagery, and share the photo(s) and/or blog post with our community. A unique opportunity for instant, measurable exposure to an engaged audience of over 71,000.

*We’re grateful for those who choose to follow along with us and respectful of the content we present to them, so we only work with brands that authentically fit our lifestyle.

Partner with your Partner: Amplify your campaigns and ROI. Maybe you’re already working with a great design, marketing or PR firm - perfect! We can partner with them to boost your results. Or, maybe you ARE a great design, marketing or PR firm that could use a boost with your client’s campaign or Instagram presence. Bring us in and we’ll help you optimize results.

Speaking Engagements: Interested in our Instagram for Business workshop series? Need a panelist? We’re happy to consider the opportunity!

The Wagoneer: If she’s not on a road trip, or in the shop, yes... the Wagoneer is available for photoshoots!

Ready to get started? Please email us or fill out the form below for a free consultation - we’re looking forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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