One Second Everyday | 2017

If you’ve been following along here for a bit, you might remember that last January I professed my love for a new to me app that’s been a game changer for me when it comes to documenting the everyday. And now I’m back this year to tell you - I love it even more. 

I included a run down of the One Second Everyday app in last year’s post, so check it out here if you’re thinking about giving it a try (and please give it a try - you’ll love it!). But to make a long story short, I recorded one second of video, every day, through all of 2017. The good, the bad, the boring and the exciting. And it’s truly my favorite thing ever.  

I’m not the greatest at documenting the little things (well, except those 8,000 photos of our dogs on my iPhone). I can look back at a year and pick out the highlights - exciting life events, a fun vacation - but what about the average day? What did we binge on Netflix? What house projects were we working on? What was our go-to weeknight dinner? And that’s where this little app comes in.    

I’m admittedly a bit lazy when it comes to creating something tangible with my photos. I’ve got 10,000+ photos on my iPhone at any given time and not a printed photo or photo book to show for it (working on that this year!). BUT, perhaps because it’s so easy and so restrictive (just pick ONE second!), the One Second Everyday app is something that has just stuck for me. I honestly can’t picture a year without it now that I’ve started (and I can’t help but wish I had started doing this years ago - what were we even doing in 2013?!).

Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings! And friends, would love to know if you tried this out for 2017, or if you’ll be doing it for 2018 (start now!).