A Woodstock Weekend with Dooney and Bourke

It should come as no surprise that one of our favorite spring getaways (okay, really any season) is heading to Woodstock, Vermont. A quick 90 minute trip brought us to the doorstep of the Woodstock Inn, and we couldn’t have been happier to see the smallest hints of spring when we arrived. Although we were a liiittle early for the tulips (they should pop up within the next week or two, if you’re going!), we still lucked out with an entire afternoon of sunshine and 65 degree temps. So basically heaven after the winter we’ve had.

For this trip, I was excited to put my Dooney and Bourke duffle to use for the first time. I’m typically a weekender bag kind of girl, but I always end up needing to use another tote or two to fit the bulkier stuff, like shoes, hair dryer, etc. The medium duffle was the perfect size for everything - no extra bags needed (and for those of you that pack a bit more efficiently, they do have a smaller version here!). We’ll definitely be putting this beauty to good use on all of the long weekend travels we have planned this summer!

Dooney and Bourke Cabriolet Duffle Wagoneer.jpg

We’ve gotten comfortable in our well-loved routine in Woodstock, since it’s one of those places that feels like home to us. Here are some highlights from this trip (much the same as others..see posts here and here!), and as always, I’d love to hear any of your favorites that we should fit in next time. 


Woodstock Inn | One of our all time favorite places to rest our heads in New England, it also houses two of our favorite restaurants in town - The Red Rooster and Richardson's Tavern. Can't wait to head back this summer to claim a white Adirondack chair on the front lawn and sip Rosé for the afternoon. 
Don't leave without: spending a morning at The Spa. We missed it this trip, and I'm still kicking myself. 


The Mill at Simon Pearce | A staple on our trips to this area, this time we opted for a couple of seats at the bar and enjoyed our drinks and Vermont Cheddar Soup with a view of the gorgeous glassware displayed in the shop (...speaking of the shop, we have this glass pup which is one of our favorites!)
Don't leave without: heading downstairs to the workshop to watch the glassblowing up close (and stepping outside to grab a photo of the waterfall flowing under the covered bridge!). 

Simon Pearce .jpg


Covered Bridges | Our favorite to stroll over by far is Middle Bridge, just across the Village Green from the Woodstock Inn. This trip, we finally stopped to snap a few photos at the Taftsville Covered Bridge - one of the oldest covered bridges in Vermont! 

Woodstock Covered Bridge
Taftsville Covered Bridge.jpg

Village Green | And of course, it wouldn't be a trip to Woodstock without a stroll around the Village Green and the neighborhoods beyond, dreaming about which one we'd pick if we ever moved here. 

Woodstock Village Green


Woodstock Farmer's Market | Typically our last stop on the way out of town, this time we grabbed some fresh flowers (they have the best selection!), and a big bag of maple kettle corn for the ride home. 
Don't leave without: a second bag of maple kettle corn. You're going to need it ;)

South Woodstock Country Store

South Woodstock Country Store | We've never been down to South Woodstock, so we made a point to take a ride there this trip. We stumbled upon the cutest country store nestled amongst old Federalist homes in a historic little village. 
Don't leave without: spending a half hour on the front porch, enjoying a homemade cookie or two. 

South Woodstock Country Store Porch

My prettiest companion this trip was this bag in Saddle from Dooney and Bourke. The perfect size to fit my camera along with my wallet and phone, while still leaving room for anything we bought around town. I’ve long admired Dooney and Bourke for their classic American style, so this was the perfect compliment to carry around one of our favorite New England towns. Shop this style and some of my other favorites below:

Until next time, Woodstock!

Many thanks to Dooney and Bourke for sponsoring this post. I’ve loved Dooney since getting my first bag in high school, and have long admired their classic American style, New England roots, and commitment to quality (hence why there are so many vintage Dooney and Bourke bags in great shape!). All opinions expressed are my own.