At Home: Blue + White Planters

For those of you who asked (aka - my sister!), I wanted to share a little round-up of my favorite blue and white planters and where to snag them. So maybe this is just a really great excuse to do a little online window shopping, however, if it helps you find some inspiration - all the better! Most of mine are vintage, which tends to be my preference - probably the thrill of the (endless) hunt through Etsy listings and antique shops that makes it that much more satisfying to find a good one. That, and I love the idea of giving an item a second chance instead of seeing it get tossed out.

So, without further ado, some favorites are below! You may have to beat me to some of the vintage ones though ;)

Chinoiserie Planter
Blue and White Planters

(And since we’re on the topic of blue and white, this gingham button down is a favorite this spring!)

Blue and White Pots Chinoiserie

Happy shopping!