24 Hours on Chebeague Island, Maine | A Mini Travel Guide

Back in June, in the middle of our annual family trip to Wells Beach, Tom and I drove north and took the ferry to Chebeague with the idea that if there was a room open, we'd stay.


As luck would have it (well, luck and the fact that it was a Monday very early in the season), we had our pick of rooms at the Chebeague Island Inn.

With a view like this, how could we not stay the night?  We got our keys, quickly took a peek at our room (all white everything, and no tv - perfection), and headed back down to the porch to soak in the view with a couple of drinks. 

We could've spent the entire evening sitting on the porch, but if you know me at all, you know I can't sit still for too long when there's pretty scenery to explore, so we set out on bikes to explore the island. 

Quick tip: make sure the seat of your bike isn't soaked with the previous night's rain before you set out.  Pretty bike ride, wet jeans ;) 

We got back just in time to sit down for a dinner of butter poached lobster on the porch. Afterwards, we grabbed a cozy chair and a blanket and settled in to watch the sunset.  The sunsets here are magic. 

We woke up the next morning to a pink sky, an ocean breeze through the window, and roosters crowing in the distance. We took a quick walk to the beach, followed by breakfast on the porch.  

On our way back to our room to pack up, I read through a poem framed and hung on the hallway wall.  "Once you have slept on an island, you'll never quite be the same" - Rachel Field.  I couldn't agree more! 

Until next time, Chebeague!