Cottage Retreat in Kennebunkport, Maine

Another trip to Kennebunkport in the books, and a trip recap that looks completely different from the last.  That’s the beauty of a place like KPT, it simultaneously feels like home and yet keeps you on your toes with hidden gems and new-to-you places around every turn.  And the best part is, we’ve only just scratched the surface - I’ve already got a full list for next time!  Read on for our favorites from our 48 hours in Kennebunkport this month.  

the cottages at cabot cove

W H E R E  T O  S T A Y

The Cottages at Cabot Cove:  The second we pulled into this charming little cottage enclave, I was smitten.  Sixteen little cottages in beachy shades of blue, teal, and tan surround a lush green lawn with white Adirondack chairs, and just beyond - a view of the cove.  Fresh baked cookies awaited us in the office when we checked in, and in the mornings - a breakfast basket is delivered to your door with fresh pastries, fruit and yogurt.  Basically my dream come true. 

cottages at cabot cove office
cabot cove cottages lawn

Each cottage was decorated by a different interior designer (which of course means I need to go back to experience another!).  We stayed in Infatuation Cottage, which was nautical perfection with its bright whites, stripes, and touches of navy.  Infatuation will be tough to beat, but on my list for next trip is Float In Cottage or Harbor Cottage.    

cottages at cabot cove infatuation
cabot cove cottage bedroom
cabot cove cottage living room infatuation

W H A T  T O  D O

Relax:  Not typically my strong suit, but Cabot Cove made it pretty easy.  With our choice of the private patio outside our cottage, the Adirondack chairs out on the lawn, or the lounge chairs overlooking the cove, this place just invites you to sit and stay awhile. (And the kitchen in the cottage is stocked with wine glasses, so…).  

cabot cove cottage lounge
cottages at cabot cove tan cottage

Bike Ride:  Borrow one of the beach cruisers at Cabot Cove and pedal into town for a drink or ice cream (or both!).  It’s also my favorite mode of transportation for admiring the historic homes lining the side streets in Kennebunkport.  

bike at cabot cove cottage
kennebunkport historic district home

Kayak:  Cabot Cove provides rowboats and kayaks for guests to use, so you can launch just steps from your cottage and explore the Kennebunk River.  The staff were great with letting us know what timeframe was safe to paddle (it’s a tidal cove fed by the sea, so you don’t want to get stuck out there at low tide!).  The cottages look even cuter from the cove.  

kayak cabot cove
kayak on cabot cove

…and kayak again:  It’s been on my wish list to get out to see Goat Island Lighthouse in Cape Porpoise for a few years now.  With a couple of hours to spare and a beautiful day, we finally made it happen this trip.  We rented a tandem kayak from Coastal Maine Kayak and Michael (who was the nicest ever, by the way) made everything super easy - loading the kayak on the Jeep, providing fitted paddles and PFDs, and pointing out the best route.  There’s a kayak launch on the left side of the road just before you get to The Ramp in Cape Porpoise, and we set out from there for a quick 20 minute paddle to the lighthouse.  The water was calm and there was no boat traffic, which made for a perfect trip.  The views of the ocean front homes from the water weren't half bad either.  

cape porpoise harbor
goat island light cape porpoise maine
goat island lighthouse kennebunkport maine

Kennebunkport Festival:  We were lucky enough to be in town for Kennebunkport Festival, which is a week long art, food, and wine festival and so much fun.  There are cocktail parties, food and wine tastings, a music and craft beer festival, and big fun parties.  If you’re planning a trip next summer, the Festival runs June 4-9, 2018, so that would be a great time to go! 

W H E R E  T O  E A T

Cabot Cove:  There’s something pretty special about breakfast showing up just outside your door.  Our first day, we were treated to fresh baked muffins, yogurt, and mason jars filled to the brim with fruit.  We devoured those muffins before we had a chance to take a photo, but snapped a picture before we dove in to our goodies the next morning - a baguette, soft cheese and strawberries - perfect way to start the day.

cabot cove breakfast

The Ramp:  A fan favorite.  We love this place, and we come here every trip.  Vintage pennants, sports memorabilia, posters, and you name it cover the ceiling and the walls.  Not to mention awesome clam chowder and lobster rolls.  Get there early and snag a yellow Adirondack chair outside overlooking the harbor!  

the ramp cape porpoise

Earth at Hidden Pond:  Our first time here, and certainly not the last.  We grabbed a pre-dinner drink at the Farm Bar outside, and as luck would have it, a table popped up overlooking the fire pit.  We enjoyed the best wood oven pizza, and I stole a few bites of Tom’s wood fired lobster - so good.  We lingered after dark, and the staff brought out blankets to wrap up in while we finished our cocktails and listened to the chorus of the frogs and insects in the woods.  Also - Hidden Pond looks like such an amazing place to stay - basically summer camp for adults.  Adding it to my list for sure.  

hidden pond earth restaurant kennebunkport

The Tides Beach Club:  We had lunch here on our last day, and were it not our last day, we would have eaten lunch here every day until further notice.  Right across from Goose Rocks Beach, you can feel the ocean breeze come through the window behind your table.  They have an amazing cocktail list (try the Citrus Kiss!), and the food was awesome.  A bucket of fries, buffalo fried shrimp, a lobster roll...and a second cocktail, please!  Another one to add to my list of places to stay, this classic yellow beach house is a total charmer - and that ocean view!  

tides beach club kennebunkport hotel
the tides beach club kennebunkport hotel

Until next time, Kennebunkport!  We can't wait for our next trip.  

In my bag this trip:  Stripe Ruffle Tank // Huarache sandals // Greetings from Maine tee // Embroidered Chambray Tank // Ankle strap wedge sandals // Stripe Ruffle Top // 

*This trip was in partnership with the Kennebunkport Resort Collection.  Thank you to the KRC for welcoming us as their guests.  As always, all opinions are my own.  

5 Reasons to Visit Kennebunkport this Winter

Two weeks ago, Tom and I packed up our Bean boots and headed to Maine for a sunny winter weekend by the sea.  We are frequent visitors to Maine in the summer months, but we've never been there in winter, so when the lovely folks at the Kennebunkport Resort Collection asked if we'd like to be their guests for the kick off weekend of Paint the Town Red (going on through the end of February!), we couldn't say yes fast enough!

Tom and I both grew up vacationing in Maine every summer (separately, of course):  he in York Beach and myself in Wells Beach, about 15 minutes south of Kennebunkport.  So when we got together, it was an easy decision to continue our summer Maine tradition.  We'd been through the charming town of Kennebunkport for a little shopping before, but this was our first experience staying, and it was pretty much the best.  Also the best?  Maine in the winter.  Here's why:

kennebunkport inn exterior.JPG

The Kennebunkport Inn:  Okay, so this recommendation spans all seasons, but there was something pretty special about this place and it’s cozy factor in the winter.  First, the decor of the Inn can’t be beat.  It’s the perfect mix of historic charm and modern styling, with a nautical flair.  From the adorable lobby, decked out in red, white and blue, to the sophisticated living room with a gas fireplace and classic board games laid out on the tables, this place is a dream.  The staff was perfection - accommodating, helpful and kind.  We can’t wait to go back when it’s a bit warmer - the porch is perfect for lingering with a cocktail and watching the sun set! 

KPT Inn Lobby Desk.jpg

“Private” beaches:  If you know me, you know I have a major thing for sunrises (and sunsets for that matter).  When I’m on vacation, I’ve got to get up at least one day for sunrise.  This trip, we caught sunrise both mornings (bonus for winter: sunrise is after 7!), and we had the beaches to ourselves.  Sure it was cold, but there was something pretty special about taking in a private screening of mother nature’s prettiest show.  We went to Goose Rocks Beach and Parsons Beach, and both were beautiful.  Can’t wait to check them out this summer!    

No lines:  One of the bummers about summer vacation?  Everyone seems to head to dinner at the same time.  One of our favorite summer spots to get drinks and a lobster roll is The Ramp.  It’s got a fantastic vintage “dream man-cave” vibe, as it’s covered in old pennants and sports and political memorabilia (check out Meg's blog for a snap of the inside!).  And it’s always crowded, as every cool spot should be!  This time of year, we scooted right in, and lingered for a few hours over drinks, chowder, and a lobster roll.  Couldn’t recommend it more for a casual afternoon/night out.  If it's not too cold, get there early and enjoy your drink on one of the yellow Adirondack chairs overlooking the cove!  

Leafless trees = better views:  If you follow me on Instagram, you know by now that I’m a sucker for classic old homes.  A quick walk through Kennebunkport or a drive through historic Kennebunk reveals the prettiest homes you’ll find, and without those pesky leaves in the way, you can appreciate just how massive and beautifully constructed this old homes really are.  

David's KPT:  Alright, another year round recommendation.  We enjoyed the most delicious meal at Davids our first night in town.  Do yourself a favor and order the clam chowder, lobster ravioli, and if carrot cake is on the dessert menu, it's a must.  Wish I could show you a photo, but it was gone just as quickly as it was put in front of me.  We're looking forward to heading back this summer and enjoying the deck with waterfront views!

So, have I convinced you yet?  If you've been, I'd love to hear your Maine favorites for our next trip! 

In my bag this trip: Red Coat / Gray Coat / LL Bean boots / Tote bag / Tassel Loafers / Cable Sweater / Striped Sweater / Plaid Scarf / Camp Socks /

A big thank you to the Kennebunkport Inn and KRC for hosting us!

Postcard from Maine

This past week, we took a few days to escape to our very favorite place - Maine!

Tom and I both grew up going to Maine as kids (Tom staying in York and myself in Wells), so we're both very much southern Maine people.  This time, our home base was the Nellie Littlefield Inn in Ogunquit.  It was perfect.  Charles, the innkeeper was the very best (and Charles, if you're reading, we'll be back for more blueberry pancakes ASAP!).

On this trip we arrived to dreary, misty skies, but we really never pay much attention to the weather since our first stop is always Fox's for a big bowl of the best lobster mac and cheese (and a couple of beers for good measure - it's vacation!).  

The next morning we woke up with less than ideal beach weather, so we jumped in the car and headed north, bound first for L.L.Bean, and then for points unknown - for Tommy anyway, I always have a plan, and it's usually farther than he feels like driving so I kept him in the dark ;).

First up was Doubling Point Light, which is on the Kennebec River near Bath.  It's the most adorable little lighthouse in the most peaceful of locations.  The lighthouse is actually located on private property at the end of a long dirt road, but the owner allows the public access to the walkway and light tower, which is owned by a non-profit.  We were the only people there, and I couldn't get over how quiet it was! 

From there we drove north, bound and determined to get a lobster roll from Red's Eats, which is one of the most hyped lobster shacks I've heard about.  We arrived to a line with an estimated hour plus wait, and we just didn't have it in us.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse was next on our list.  This beauty is perched on top of a rocky cliff, and I bet the view on a less foggy day would be amazing. 

As we left the lighthouse park, we came upon Hotel Pemaquid - a restored 1888 inn with the most charming carriage house and barn covered in buoys, and we made a quick U-turn to peek around the property.  Did I mention it was so charming!?  Definitely on my list for future trips.

Back in the car, we were ready for a sure bet on a lobster roll, and friends, let me tell you - the lobster roll at Eventide in Portland is the best. Hands down my favorite.  I have no pictures to prove it to you, but trust me.  Get yourself there, and you may need to order two.  Did I mention it's a brown butter lobster roll?  So good.

Up early the next day, we walked off our lobster rolls on the Marginal Way (don't miss it - the prettiest views!), parked ourselves on the beach for a few hours, and started thinking about our next lobster roll. 

We headed straight for The Ramp in Kennebunkport - definitely my favorite place for drinks, lobster rolls, atmosphere, everything.  Their lobster roll is a close second if not tie for first on my official favorite list.  A little more traditional, and the view makes everything taste better.  Perfect Maine afternoon! 

Our last morning, we woke up for our sunrise tradition (which I shared on Instagram), made room for yet another lobster roll, and headed home to our goofy yellow pups who we always miss way more than we care to admit :)

See you next time, Maine!

24 Hours on Chebeague Island, Maine | A Mini Travel Guide

Back in June, in the middle of our annual family trip to Wells Beach, Tom and I drove north and took the ferry to Chebeague with the idea that if there was a room open, we'd stay.


As luck would have it (well, luck and the fact that it was a Monday very early in the season), we had our pick of rooms at the Chebeague Island Inn.

With a view like this, how could we not stay the night?  We got our keys, quickly took a peek at our room (all white everything, and no tv - perfection), and headed back down to the porch to soak in the view with a couple of drinks. 

We could've spent the entire evening sitting on the porch, but if you know me at all, you know I can't sit still for too long when there's pretty scenery to explore, so we set out on bikes to explore the island. 

Quick tip: make sure the seat of your bike isn't soaked with the previous night's rain before you set out.  Pretty bike ride, wet jeans ;) 

We got back just in time to sit down for a dinner of butter poached lobster on the porch. Afterwards, we grabbed a cozy chair and a blanket and settled in to watch the sunset.  The sunsets here are magic. 

We woke up the next morning to a pink sky, an ocean breeze through the window, and roosters crowing in the distance. We took a quick walk to the beach, followed by breakfast on the porch.  

On our way back to our room to pack up, I read through a poem framed and hung on the hallway wall.  "Once you have slept on an island, you'll never quite be the same" - Rachel Field.  I couldn't agree more! 

Until next time, Chebeague!