5 Reasons to Visit Kennebunkport this Winter

Two weeks ago, Tom and I packed up our Bean boots and headed to Maine for a sunny winter weekend by the sea.  We are frequent visitors to Maine in the summer months, but we've never been there in winter, so when the lovely folks at the Kennebunkport Resort Collection asked if we'd like to be their guests for the kick off weekend of Paint the Town Red (going on through the end of February!), we couldn't say yes fast enough!

Tom and I both grew up vacationing in Maine every summer (separately, of course):  he in York Beach and myself in Wells Beach, about 15 minutes south of Kennebunkport.  So when we got together, it was an easy decision to continue our summer Maine tradition.  We'd been through the charming town of Kennebunkport for a little shopping before, but this was our first experience staying, and it was pretty much the best.  Also the best?  Maine in the winter.  Here's why:

kennebunkport inn exterior.JPG

The Kennebunkport Inn:  Okay, so this recommendation spans all seasons, but there was something pretty special about this place and it’s cozy factor in the winter.  First, the decor of the Inn can’t be beat.  It’s the perfect mix of historic charm and modern styling, with a nautical flair.  From the adorable lobby, decked out in red, white and blue, to the sophisticated living room with a gas fireplace and classic board games laid out on the tables, this place is a dream.  The staff was perfection - accommodating, helpful and kind.  We can’t wait to go back when it’s a bit warmer - the porch is perfect for lingering with a cocktail and watching the sun set! 

KPT Inn Lobby Desk.jpg

“Private” beaches:  If you know me, you know I have a major thing for sunrises (and sunsets for that matter).  When I’m on vacation, I’ve got to get up at least one day for sunrise.  This trip, we caught sunrise both mornings (bonus for winter: sunrise is after 7!), and we had the beaches to ourselves.  Sure it was cold, but there was something pretty special about taking in a private screening of mother nature’s prettiest show.  We went to Goose Rocks Beach and Parsons Beach, and both were beautiful.  Can’t wait to check them out this summer!    

No lines:  One of the bummers about summer vacation?  Everyone seems to head to dinner at the same time.  One of our favorite summer spots to get drinks and a lobster roll is The Ramp.  It’s got a fantastic vintage “dream man-cave” vibe, as it’s covered in old pennants and sports and political memorabilia (check out Meg's blog for a snap of the inside!).  And it’s always crowded, as every cool spot should be!  This time of year, we scooted right in, and lingered for a few hours over drinks, chowder, and a lobster roll.  Couldn’t recommend it more for a casual afternoon/night out.  If it's not too cold, get there early and enjoy your drink on one of the yellow Adirondack chairs overlooking the cove!  

Leafless trees = better views:  If you follow me on Instagram, you know by now that I’m a sucker for classic old homes.  A quick walk through Kennebunkport or a drive through historic Kennebunk reveals the prettiest homes you’ll find, and without those pesky leaves in the way, you can appreciate just how massive and beautifully constructed this old homes really are.  

David's KPT:  Alright, another year round recommendation.  We enjoyed the most delicious meal at Davids our first night in town.  Do yourself a favor and order the clam chowder, lobster ravioli, and if carrot cake is on the dessert menu, it's a must.  Wish I could show you a photo, but it was gone just as quickly as it was put in front of me.  We're looking forward to heading back this summer and enjoying the deck with waterfront views!

So, have I convinced you yet?  If you've been, I'd love to hear your Maine favorites for our next trip! 

In my bag this trip: Red Coat / Gray Coat / LL Bean boots / Tote bag / Tassel Loafers / Cable Sweater / Striped Sweater / Plaid Scarf / Camp Socks /

A big thank you to the Kennebunkport Inn and KRC for hosting us!