Of Note | January

Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Well, that’s a wrap on January, and I can’t help but be excited that we only have 42 days until spring. It’s not that I’m not a winter person, but I’m so much more a rest of the year person.  

January was all about both Tom and I catching colds, getting over colds, and just being cold in general ;) You know it’s bad when the dogs don’t even want to go for a walk, and we’ve happily obliged. That said, we’re all starting to get a bit of cabin fever, so we’re spending our time by the fire dreaming up some winter adventures to get us out of the house lots more in February.

Here were some of our favorites in January:

Favorite Road Trip | We finally got the Wagoneer back on the road this month (back on the road without spewing a black cloud of smoke behind us, that is), and took our first day trip out of town over to Manchester and Dorset. A few covered bridges, quick stroll by the pond, a general store, and a giant chocolate chip cookie for the ride home. Always a day well spent. Here are some of our top picks from the Manchester area, if you’re headed that way!

Favorite Moment | Starting off the year with a new business partner! Tom joined the business full time late last year, and I could not be more excited. He’s been helping behind the scenes for so long and I’m so happy to have extra hands on deck to be able to take on some new projects (let us know if we can help you!), and we’re also working on a little something special for our own hometown (sneak a peek at what we’re up to with that here).

Favorite Thing | This plaid bag! Not only is it the cutest weekender for winter (or anytime, really), but it’s made of a water resistant nylon canvas - which just so happens to make it also DOG HAIR RESISTANT! A serious life saver when you have two big yellow boys that shed like mad men. They’re sold out in the red/black I have but I love this one just as much. Or this one. Anyway, bringing this on all of our road trips this season for sure. And speaking of dog hair, now taking suggestions for a new favorite vacuum ;)

Favorite Book | One of my goals in January was to read ONE book. Just one! No such luck (insert face palm emoji here), but this book is sitting at the ready on my nightstand and I can’t wait to dive in.

Favorite Seconds | I’m keeping my word from this post and sharing some of our seconds from our One Second Everyday project with you here. It didn’t take long to get back in the habit and I’m so happy to have these little moments documented again, no matter how ordinary.

Happy February!