The Story Behind The Yellow Note


“So…The Yellow Note. You mean like a post-it?” The conversation inevitably goes there when I introduce myself and business. I figure most people must envision those yellow sticky notes, haphazardly stuck above an office desk, and piling up in the trash can once the task written on it has been completed.

But, the yellow notes I’m referring to are worth keeping. In fact, I’ve got a shoebox full of them that I’ve been collecting since before I could read.

I started my business back in 2013, after a few degrees and a career in social work left me longing for a creative outlet. Deciding to start my own thing was easy, but what held me back was deciding on a name. Back then, I was starting an Etsy shop and selling stationery and custom address stamps. I wanted something catchy and cute, but turns out, so did everyone else. The domains of most of the names I thought of were taken, and when something wasn’t, I just couldn’t commit to it. There was no connection there.

And I wasn’t just looking for connection to a business name. I wanted the shop (and now, creative studio) to actually provide connection for others, be it through a handwritten note that they addressed using one of our address stamps, or now, through our photography and Instagram, a connection to a place they used to know or longed to visit made through a photo we’ve taken. A connection to one another, to the simpler things, the little things, the everyday moments. In a world where we can connect all day via iPhones and Instagram, I longed for sweet and simple connections made the old fashioned way.

Like coming downstairs in the morning as a kid, after my dad had left for work, and finding a note on the table, just for me.

“Can’t believe it’s your last day of kindergarten - feels like only yesterday that I watched you get on the bus for the first time.”

“You’ve worked so hard studying for this test. You’ll do great!”.

“Good luck in your game today - I’ll be there right when I get out of work!”.

“I’m so proud of you.”

And there it was. The notes my dad has been writing for me since I was little. Most of them written on yellow note paper. Connections made, the old fashioned way. Moments captured via yellow note. A shoebox full of nostalgia. Simpler times. Happy moments. Words of encouragement and love.

Just like the yellow note delivery has changed over the years (my dad hand writes the notes and texts me a picture of them, and delivers a hard copy later :), The Yellow Note as a business has evolved as well, from stationery to photography and creative consulting. But, the meaning and purpose of a yellow note will always remain - connection - and one of my favorite parts is connecting with all of you. So, thank you. It means so much to have you along for the ride.

And thanks for all the notes, Dad. Love you!


P.S. - After a bit of a hiatus, we re-opened The Yellow Note online shop. So excited to get back into creating address stamps for you to send your own “yellow notes”, and even more excited to launch some new products to help you send more letters very soon. Pop in here, if you’re so inclined :)